For 9+ years we are creating mobile apps and cloud backend solutions for our clients that are changing the world for the better.

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Our experience is confirmed by numbers
  • 9+ years

    of successful work in mobile and cloud development
  • 50+ clients

    from USA, UK, Finland, Sweden, and other countries
  • 100+ projects

    successfully developed and delivered
  • 100 million users

    of our developed applications
of successful work in mobile and cloud development
9+ years
of our developed applications
100m users
successfully developed and delivered
100+ projects
from USA, UK, Finland, Sweden, and other countries
50+ clients
Do you have a project idea?

For its successful implementation, developers, designers, testers, and managers are needed. We will take over the whole process and provide you with the final solution.
Software Specifications
You describe your project idea,
and we offer our vision for its technical implementation.
Estimation Presentation
We estimate the timeline and costs of the work
and provide you with this information in advance.
Clickable Prototype & UI/UX Design
We create mockups of the future app and test them.
Development & DevOps
Next, we initiate the development process
using the most suitable solutions for your task.
QA Testing
We conduct thorough testing of the app
to prevent errors after the launch.
Team Support
We stay in touch even after the project's launch
to update and improve the app for you.
Are you implementing a project and in need
of experienced IT specialists?

Outstaffing might be the right option for you. You can share the project tasks with us, and we will select the right IT specialists from our pool of professionals.
Project Description
You provide a description of your project, and we will determine
which technical specialists are needed for its successful development.
CV Screening
We will send you the profiles of specialists
who match the requirements of the project.
Technical Interview
We arrange personal video meetings
with each candidate so that you can get to know them better.
Connecting Candidates
We onboard the selected specialists to the project, tasks and teams.
Control of Work
You begin working on the project with our specialists,
while we stay in touch for further support.
Payment and Guarantees
Payment is made after signing a work completion statement.
Services We Offer
Complete development cycle or individual tasks
App Store & Google Play Compliance
Our consulting and support services will help you ensure compliance with the standards and guidelines of the App Store & Google Play for a smooth and seamless launch and optimization.
QA and Testing
Approach us to establish a robust QA infrastructure or to test and improve your iOS & Android solutions. With our QA engineers, you can be confident that your application will run smoothly.
UI/UX Design
IOS & Android solutions envisioned and designed by our experts will leave your users satisfied with intuitive interfaces, convenient user-flows, and visually appealing elements that best match their needs.
Our iOS & Android experts build world-class mobile apps with excellent usability. The specialists on our team are highly proficient in all the modern tools necessary for creating robust solutions.
App Development
Resources and Technologies
A set of key tools with which we successfully work
UX/UI Design: intuitive and visually appealing designs that prioritize user experience.
Business Analysis: business needs and objectives, data and processes analysis, and strategic solutions for growth.
Product Management: product vision, roadmap, and features that meet customer needs and stay ahead of the competition.
Quality Assurance: high standards of quality, reliability, and performance through rigorous testing and processes.
Google Cloud App Engine: service for developing and hosting web apps & APIs.
Google Cloud Functions: a serverless service for building and connecting cloud services.
Google Cloud Firestore: database to store and sync data in real-time for web, mobile, and IoT apps.
Google Firebase: real-time databases, authentication, cloud storage.
BigQuery: real-time analysis of large datasets.
Backend, API and Database
Language: Kotlin
Architecture: MVVM & Clean, MVP (Moxy), MVI
Network tools: Retrofit 2, Okhttp, Socket
Database: Room, Realm
Other: Rest API, Firebase, Google map, Dagger2/Hilt, NavigationUI, Jetpack Compose, ReactiveX, Videocalling, Twilio, Analytics
Language: Swift
Architecture: MVVM, MVP, MVI
Network tools: Moya, Alamofire, Socket
Database: CoreData, Realm
Other: Rest API, ReactiveX, Firebase, Google map, UIKit, Cocoapods, CoreLocation, Videocalling, Twilio, Analytics
Cross-platform App Development: Flutter
We specialize in creating cross-platform mobile applications, enabling a shorter time to market. These apps seamlessly run on multiple devices and operating systems.
Cost Cutter
Depending on project requirements, Flutter can help you save costs compared to developing the app separately for different platforms and operating systems. Additionally, if you need a desktop or website app, Flutter offers a true cross-platform experience.
Simultaneous Feature Release
Mobile and desktop apps receive the same features simultaneously. This not only streamlines product management but also ensures consistency in the user interface.
Easy Code Maintenance
"Easy Code Maintenance: With only one codebase, you can keep maintenance costs for your cross-platform products low. Effectively manage your budget by optimizing the allocation of developer capacity to implementing user-centered features.
Multiple Products Support
Our developers have extensive experience in native mobile technologies. We know how to transform product ideas into Flutter, making it possible to build various types of applications using this technology.
Our Projects
Find the most relevant expertise for your project.
Our Clients Love Us
And we empower them to achieve the best results.
Our Team
Passionate experts dedicated to achieving your business goals
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CBDO in Nordic Region
Artsiom Karalchuk
CTO & Co-Founder
Alex Karalchuk
CEO & Co-Founder
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